Connor’s story: Can you do sports and be a vegetarian?


I’m Connor and I have been doing professional bodybuilding for the last 8 years while being vegetarian for almost 25 years. Most of the people do not associate sports with a vegetarian diet and have a lot of preconceptions about the whole lifestyle. They usually think that such a diet is low in proteins, fats, and amino acids, but in fact, plant foods can provide all the essentials. Nutrients such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, soy, peanuts, sesame, hemp, and coconut are full of proteins.

There are many successful athletes who are a vegetarians that achieved enviable successes, breaking down preconceptions about these kind type of diet and proving that nothing is impossible, and the list is quite big starting from a famous tennis star Venus William, Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis, Bill Walton, one of the greatest players in NBA history, boxer Mike Tyson and many others.

Back to years when I used to eat meat, I often felt tired and exhausted, and I just knew I’m not doing something right and my body was trying to tell me something. Since I am a heavy-weight lifter, it requires a lot of endurance but also a time for the body to recover after training, that is why I’m adding some supplements in my food and this is my choice for top form and energy: first and foremost an approx. 3-5 meals a day, mostly vegetarian, and lots of water.


1. Vegan proteins such as hemp or bio soybeans

2. Creatine – I drink in a protein shake after training

3. Algae omega

4. B12 spray

5. Vitamin C – 1 to 2 capsules a day

6. Zinc – 1 tablet in the morning

7. Ayurveda power mix

8.CBD oil – when needed

9. Magnesium tablets with high absorption…

It is so possible to do sports and be successful, healthy and good looking while eating only fresh plant food, but many people got suspicious and ask me the eternal question: How do I get the surface of my abdominal muscles, the holy grail of fit form?

In my experience, the first thing is persistence!

Most importantly: Beliefs are strengthened by exercising but, we all know, are being “discovered” in the kitchen. Not only eat less but also smarter, healthier, and make changes as needed; lots of water and herbal tea, steamed vegetables – especially green leafy, various salads, protein foods, tofu, tempeh, seitan, quinoa, legumes, hemp, green leafy vegetables…

Motivational for the end: Try to find pleasure in challenging and exceeding your psycho-physical limits, because somewhere behind the habits and comfort zone, a new body and a new upgraded mind await you. New you! It’s worth the effort! The body is the temple of the soul!

Heather Bryant

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