Welcome to UFC Gym Australia

This guide will contain all the information you need and more, however if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Who are we?

“Just like the UFC has revolutionized the world of combat sports, we are now bringing the newest innovation of fitness and training to Australia,” – Dana White, UFC president. “UFC GYM® is for everyone who wants to have a place to work out and who is looking to change up what they do when they go to the gym.”

Our ‘Train Different’ approach offers an alternative to the traditional workout with an array of ways for the entire family to sweat, move and burn different through a full range of signature classes and specialised equipment.

There are currently 6 UFC GYM® locations throughout California, Hawaii and New York. UFC GYM® Sydney will open in an exceptional new location with easy access for everyone. The brand new purpose built building is located in the award winning Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria.

UFC GYM® Sydney is the ultimate fitness destination offering top-of-the-line cardio and free weights, a full-range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group dynamic training, plus MMA style youth programming. Time to train different!

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 5:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am – 7:00pm

Club Partnerships

If you are an “Ultimate” member of UFC Gym, not only do you have access to our amazing new club, but you also have access to our Crunch gyms in Chatswood, Liverpool, Rockdale, Parramatta, Bankstown & Mortdale so you can ‘train different’ in a variety of locations!

**Not available to Fitness or Youth Members

Age Requirements

At UFC Gym, we give people of all ages an opportunity to be a part of the excitement. In saying this, there are a couple of ground rules which are in place to keep everyone safe! A parent and/or legal guardian must accompany any child under the age of 14 years on the premises unless an agreement or waiver stating otherwise has been signed. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed in the designated Youth programs, and all Youth members need to wear their appropriate age wristbands at all times. Youth members will need to see reception on or after their birthdays to switch wristbands where needed to the next age group.


Want your friends to train different too? We love our family growing but we have a few ground rules for you to abide by when you bring a guest along. Any guest must be signed in to the club at reception and follow the required guest procedures. For safety reasons, we cannot allow guests under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Got any questions? Let our staff help you out!

Workout Attire

We know you look good! To keep it that way, we request that fully enclosed, clean sports shoes are worn at all times whilst in the club, except for in the studios. MMA training specific areas are bare feet only, and members are required to wear a shirt or singlet at all times. Please wear your UFC Gi for any classes that require a uniform and see your coach for any other specific uniform or safety gear needs.

Lost Property

Lost Property given to reception will be kept for one month maximum and then be given to charity so come check with us if you lost something and we’ll check our stash!


Lockers are for day use only so please respect our club each other and remove your belongings at the end of each day or they will be removed and placed in lost property.

Membership Cards

Your membership cards mean you’re a part of our team so bring them with you every time you come to the club! We’ll ask to take your photos for the UFC GYM database records only so play nice, and your membership card is for your use only. In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, you should contact UFC GYM regarding the reissue of a replacement card and a fee of $15 will be charged to cover the cost of the replacement card so keep it on your keys.


The Gym Floor and the Ultimate Training Zone

Weight and Cardio equipment are available for use by registered members and guests only and respect should be shown to all others in the weight and cardiovascular areas. Only 16+ members are allowed to use the weights section of the club. UFC Gym Australia staff reserve the right to request identification at any time for proof of age.

Equipment must be wiped down after each use. All dumbbells, weights and weight plates must be re-racked after use. Intentionally slamming or dropping weights is prohibited – please place your weights nicely!

All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed. Standing on benches or equipment frames is prohibited. Individuals are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use. Broken or damaged equipment and/or equipment malfunctions should be reported to the Front Desk. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where they are available and not brought on the gym floor.

Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Food, chewing gum and non-water drinks (including protein shakes) are prohibited. Let’s keep it clean!

The Octagon

To show respect, always bow before entering. We request that no shoes are worn in the Octagon, and that people are only allowed to use Octagon under the guidance of an instructor/trainer/coach. Booking at reception is compulsory to keep things smooth. Enjoy!


Booking for Classes

You can book your classes online via a computer or your smartphone by heading to;
onlinebooking.ufcgymsydney.com and following these steps:

1. Logging on:
Your Member ID is your membership number that is printed on your UFC Gym contract. Your Password is a four digit number. You can set this number via reception.

2. Booking a class:
Select the “Book Class” option on your screen, and then select the class you wish to book (according to the time table). Click “book” when the class pops up to confirm your booking.

3. Confirmation of booking:
If your booking is correct and complete – you will receive a pop up advising you that the booking has been successful.

Frequently Asked Questions (Booking System)

1. What if I don’t know my Membership number or password?
Either click the “forgotten details” button on the logon screen, or ask our friendly reception staff for your details.

2. I can see next week’s classes and they are available, but I can’t book into them?
You may only book into classes one business day in advance.

3. I can see the available classes, but never get the confirmation of booking screen?
Your internet provider may have restrictions on the website. Try our mobile version on your smartphone to see if the mobile site works. If not, email info@ufcgymsydney.com with a description of the error and we will look into it for you. Please be sure to leave your contact details, the best time to contact and your membership number.

General Group Exercise/Studio Rules

Please arrive to class and time after placing your belongings in a locker (you need supply your own lock and key or purchase one from reception). To be respectful of those around you, we request that you always have a towel and a water bottle is recommended. It’s important to remember that we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided (especially when it comes to cleaning)! This means at the end of all classes, everyone should remain in class until the room is clean and all equipment is put away.

For cycle classes, bikes should be wiped down with paper towel that has been sprayed with cleaning solution, and then wheeled back to the side of the studio.

For Martial Arts classes and in the Martial Arts Studios, we respectfully request no shoes are to be worn. At the end of your class or workout, wipe down the bag and the floor beneath you with cleaning solution and paper towel. Unless otherwise specified, you must wear a UFC Gi to Martial Arts classes (Youth and Adult).

For Kid’s classes and within the Kids Studio, we ask that Youth Members always wear identification arm bands and that as a group we listen and are open to learning! Remember to always reserve classes in advance through the booking system and attend on time. Keep your uniform clean, and give your best effort to every activity. Last but not least, always treat yourself and others with respect.

Most importantly, within our studios and classes we ask that Respect, Discipline, Honour, Courage, Fun, Integrity are always remembered as we ride through the challenges, learn, and grow on our fitness journeys.

Studio Hire

Our amazing studios and outdoor training area are available for hire and/or personal use and training, please see reception for more information.


Unless specified, our Ultimate Martial Arts (and Youth Martial Arts) classes require participants to wear a Martial Arts Gi. If you do not have a Gi, they are available from the UFC Retail Store. Please see reception or your Coach for more information on what is required.


Coaches and Performance Coaches

Our coaches and performance coaches are pumped and ready to help you train different! With a variety of backgrounds and interests, our highly trained, and well qualified personal trainers are here to help. You can seek out their services by heading to the Ultimate Training Zone on the gym floor or by enquiring at reception.

Online Fitness and Nutrition

Regardless of what you’re looking to accomplish – lose weight, gain muscle or simply live better – you have a couple a secret weapon: the dotFit online nutrition and fitness program. Combined with your exercise program, the dotFit program will help guide you through nutrition and tracking what your body needs! To learn more, ask your Personal Training staff who will point you in the right direction.


You’re part of the UFC Family now! And in order to help you become the best you can be, we have our Kid’s Club on site at UFC Gym so we can watch your little ones while you work out! The following rules need to be obeyed at all times for the health and safety of our members and our little ones.

It’s imperative that the parent or guardian MUST remain on the premises at all times and only the same parent or guardian who signed the child in may sign the child out. Breaking this condition will lead to immediate termination of your memberships – remember it’s all about keeping things safe!The kids box is available for children of UFC Gym members only and is only for children aged 12 months and over. Children will only be admitted with pre-booking online or via reception in advance.

Please always ensure your child is checked in with a staff member before attending your workout and that you have signed the required paperwork. There is a $5 fee for attending and a 1.5 hour limit per child – penalties apply for being late.

Always ensure that your child has been to the bathroom before attending, and if your child is sick, please keep them at home. Personal toys and food should also be left at home – no eating in the Kid’s box for safety reasons but you can always grab a bite to eat at the Arm Bar after you’ve collected your child from the box!


Arm Bar

Our Arm Bar is designed in conjunction with “Easy Eating” to help you reach your ultimate best though clean eating and nutrition, as well as providing you with a tasty coffee, full meal, snack and kids menu when you need it! Feel free to drop by and have a bite to eat which you know you can enjoy even more knowing that it’s nutritionally beneficial and helping you with your goals. The Arm Bar is located across from reception and is generally open from at least 7am – 8pm every day.

UFC Gym Store

Our UFC Gym store is available at all times the club is open and has a variety of workout and MMA Gear, including Martial Arts GI’s. For details, please see reception, or for detailed information on MMA Protective gear and uniforms, please speak with your coaching staff.


Membership Freezes

Got something going on? It’s important to keep up with a training regime however we know that sometimes you might have something serious come up. In special circumstances, we can freeze you membership, though the following conditions apply:

A request for Freeze must be made in writing with 1weeks notice prior to the first day of the freeze period. Full fortnightly membership debits will resume automatically after completion of the freeze period. Freezing is granted on written application for a minimum of two consecutive weeks, and in fortnightly blocks thereafter up to a maximum of 12 weeks (excepting pregnancy).

The following documentation must be provided along with a signed UFC Freeze Request Form (Available from reception):

Holiday – Travel Itinerary with start and end date
Business relocation – a letter from the employer on company letterhead confirming the commencement date and duration of relocation
Pregnancy/Medical – an appropriate medical certificate or doctor’s letter

Any other supporting document must be approved by Reception Supervisor or Member Service Manager.

Fortnightly membership payments will be adjusted to reflect the Freeze period and a Freeze fee of $10.00 per fortnight will be from the nominated account during the Freeze period. If you have a pre-paid membership you are required to settle freeze fees at the time of submitting your Freeze Request Form.

All membership dues must be paid up to date prior to Freeze being approved. The minimum term agreement will be extended by the period of the Freeze, therefore you will be obliged to pay the minimum agreement amount regardless of the Freeze period.

Adjustments to the Freeze period must be made in writing and will only be approved in line with freeze policies, and you cannot use the club facilities during the Freeze period.

Full fortnightly membership debits will resume automatically after completion of the Freeze period – we’ll be happy to have you back!

Termination of Membership

Any request for cancellation must be made in writing and will be responded to within 7 days. Cancellations will not be complete until completed termination request form is completed and signed by club staff and receipt is acknowledged. There is no cancellation/refund on PIF memberships unless demonstrated grounds of permanent physical/health incapacitation.

Direct debited members (who are outside their minimum term) are eligible to cancel with 30 days’ notice and the termination period should coincide with direct debit dates.

Feedback and Complaints

We value your feedback! If you find something you would like to share with us, or feedback on any of our services, be sure to let us know so that we can constantly work to our members the ultimate experience. You can provide your feedback via feedback forms which are available at reception, or via our member services email – memberservices@ufcgymsydney.com


Ask away!

Now that you’re part of the family, don’t be afraid to ask us if you have any questions, we are here to help and our reception team or UFC Ambassadors will be happy to help you out. You can always shoot us an email to via info@ufcgymsydney.com and we’ll get back to you!


Your training journey begins! It’s time to get down and train different to be the most powerful you can be, see you in the ultimate zone!

Click here for full Terms and Conditions of your Membership to UFC Gym Sydney.